Solvably for Corporate L&D

“High-potential workers with problem solving skills and a willingness to learn are in high demand. Employers across all fields want to find workers who will face challenges head-on and seek creative solutions.”

Fast Company

Solvably for Corporate L&D

Solvably for Corporate

On-the-job training gets
creative & collaborative!

There exists a burgeoning skills gap in the workforce, and companies are paying attention. Whether it’s current employees or new recruits who lack the necessary skills to thrive and compete in this increasingly innovation-driven economy, employers are becoming well aware of the crucial need for investing in on-the-job training and establishing a culture of lifelong learning.

Across the board, problem solving is the #1 employee skill that checks off all boxes for HR managers and team leaders who need to ensure their teams are productive and successful. Collaborative, creative problem solvers meet new challenges head-on and are unstoppable forces as proactive learners and leaders in the workforce.

Solvably for Corporate was expertly designed with the understanding that the future workplace (which starts tomorrow!) requires employees who know how to solve problems, no matter what those problems are or when they occur. Solvably teaches learners how to learn by presenting a challenge, assigning goals, and progressing through a framework that bakes in CTE standards and benchmarks. Its easy-to-use authoring tool means the sky’s the limit when it comes to on-the-job challenges that trainers can dream up for their team. With Solvably, it’s ‘no problem’ to place a developer from San Mateo, a sales rep from New York, and an analyst from Shanghai on a virtual collaborative team to solve your unique custom-built problem. They will grow from it while you monitor and build upon the results.

Corporate learners and instructors, are you ready to become problem solvers?

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