Solvably for Adult Learning

“The U.S. needs 10.9M degrees by 2020. If we put all of our efforts into the traditional population and improve those outcomes dramatically, we might expect to create 3.7M new degree earners. The gap of 7M can only be met by increasing adult learners’ educational attainment.”

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL)

Solvably for Adult Learning

Solvably for Adult Learning

Learn new skills through
creative problem solving.

Today, non-traditional students and adult learners are making up more and more of the national (and worldwide!) learning landscape. As adult learners are sharpening their saws and learning new skills, the technology they use and the experiences they crave need to keep up with the skills required. With a growing mix of learners who are 25+, parents, grandparents, new degree seekers, job hunters, vocational and career changers, a common thread can be woven through all of their learning needs: Collaborative, creative problem solving.

Solvably for Adult Learning is the solution for adult learners who will face on-the-job challenges down the road. (Read: All of them.) The motivation factor for adult learners tends to be higher than most, while their time for learning is usually more limited. Solvably takes this into account, providing an easy-to-use framework for tackling the challenges that will enhance their learning and take them to the next level on their career path.

Adult learners benefit greatly from the collaboration and communication features of the Solvably experience. Where it’s not often easy for them to carve out time for in-person meetings or phone calls, the online community of learners provides the opportunity to check in, be accountable, and share solutions.

Adult learners, are you ready to become problem solvers?

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